Mesh Blinds

Mesh care info

Always keep blinds tight to reduce flapping and unnecessary wear and tear. Never leave your blinds down in high winds.

Your mesh blinds protect you from the elements throughout the year so a few times a year it is nice to repay the favour by giving them a brush down with a clean soft bristle brush on both sides, then a hose down with clean cold water. Do this on a sunny day to allow the blinds to dry before rolling up.

Try not to roll blinds up when wet as this can encourage mildew growth, if you have to for any reason, roll them down as soon as possible to dry out.

Remove any bird poop, dirt and organic matter as soon as it appears by brushing then hosing.

If needed for stubborn stains clean thoroughly with a mild dish washing detergent (safe on hands)  or very diluted rubbing alcohol, rinsing immediately with clean water and dry thoroughly.