PVC Blinds

Care instructions for PVC blinds

Regular cleaning and an occasional polish will greatly enhance the life of your blinds.

When cleaning your blinds avoid using harsh chemicals and cloths, as these can scratch the surface and attack the material. Clear PVC blinds should only be cleaned with a diluted solution of mild soap and warm water using a soft cotton cloth.

vuplexOnce clean polish blinds, we recommend VuPlex. This is a PVC polish that will buff minor scratches out and leave a protective film over the blinds.

Never store your blinds rolled up wet. PVC can absorb water, which shows up as a cloudy residue. This will disapear under the action of sunlight but may take some time to do so.

When storing your blinds rolled up always use the retaining straps provided and loosen off the pulley system, as this will avoid the rope making tracks in the blind.

When blinds are down, make sure the zips are fully extended and all straps are buckled securley.

In high winds always make sure your blinds are rolled up. Leaving blinds down can lead to unnecessary wear and tear and damage.